We can offer you

  • electroerosive machining (wire cutting) – workpiece dimensions of x 400 y 250 and z 250
  • vertical milling centers with the possibility of engraving work, precise 4D milling or coordinate drilling of tool plates up to the weight of 1820 kg and workpiece dimensions of x 1270 y 660 z 635 mm with the positioning accuracy of 0.005 mm.
    Thanks to the modeller SolidWorks, a tool for preparation of the NC code Surfcam and automatically controlled tool tank, these machines are not only very accurate, but also suitable for the serial production.
  • performance of milling machines with measuring of up to the workpiece size of x 900 y 400 z 300 mm.
  • lathe-turning in extent of the diameter of 5 to 300 in the length of about 1000 mm by means of three different types of universal lathes with the possibility to cut metric threads or Whithworts.
  • surface grinding of a piece dimension of x 800 y 300 z 300 mm (including grinding on Beletr)
  • circular grinding up to the diameter of 250 mm and length of 500 mm
  • material cut of the cross-section of 300 x 300 mm
  • the possibility of production of smaller single-purpose machines, equipment and devices, possibly also with our 3D design construction
  • manual work, drilling, bending, welding in protective atmosphere (including stainless steel), cutting, all connected with our equipment and machines which are used in exhaust manufacturing itself. Last but not least also grinding of tools, drills, milling machines, knives for planing machines, etc. on tool grinders.

Other possible cooperation

Also our narrowly specialized production, that is currently focused only on the manufacturing of exhausts, can offer a range of machines with the free capacity or also for other utilization. Especially in surface sheet metal forming and complete pipe processing.

Cutting of single and thick-walled pipes on the machine Adige – the diameter of 5-70 mm, the semi-finished product length of 6 m and the longest output cut of about 3 m. This machine also allows cutting of profiles and their simultaneous deburring. We also have other types of semi-automatic saws with the possibility of cutting of other dimensions and shapes available.

pipe bending, possibly bending of profiles or round steel on CNC controlled machine BLM and SOCO with the possibility of bending up to the diameter of 76 mm according to the tools for the given diameter of the pipe

calibration and perforation of pipes – contraction, expansion of circles and other shapes, cutting of pipe ends

pressing or forming and bending under eccentric presses 10, 25, 40, 63, 160, 250 tons, including the possibility of automatic pressing with the feeder and unwinding directly from the plate roll under the press LEXN 160t. We also have hydraulic presses with the tonnage of 25 tons specially adapted for the large opening available. There is the possibility of preset.

sheet metal cutting up to the thickness of 4 mm – cutting line.

sufficient space for storage or possible additional work by appointment